As an alternative to Cefuroxime-Metronidazole, the combination of Ceftriaxone and Metronidazole IV is allowed, if preferable due to local resistance patterns.

  • dosage: Ceftriaxone 2000mg 1dd (IV) + Metronidazole 500mg 3dd (IV)
  • dosage for children (<18jr):
    • Ceftriaxone 100mg/kg/day, max. 2g/dag in 1 dose
    • Metronidazol 30mg/kg/day, max. 1.5g/day in 3 doses
  • total number of doses: in arm A (48h): 2 doses Ceftriaxone and 6 doses Metronidazole, in arm B (5d): 5 doses Ceftriaxone and 15 doses Metronidazole.
    considering co-interventions, switching and prolonging/restarting antibiotics, the same applies as for Cefuroxime-Metronidazole.