Antibiotics – after surgery patients in this trial are treated with 2 antibiotics: cefuroxime and metronidazole. These antibiotics have been used for decades already for this particular indication.

Treatment arms – participating patients are allocated to one of two treatment arms by chance: arm A or arm B. During the first 48 hours after surgery all patients receive the same treatment:  cefuroxime and metronidazole, intravenous administration. After 48 hours patients in arm A no longer receive antibiotic treatment, whilst patients in arm B receive the same intravenous antibiotic treatment for 3 more days (to complete a total of 5 days).

Follow-up – after the allocated antibiotic treatment is finished, discharge will follow upon decision of the treating physician. After discharge there will be a standard outpatient visit (the same for non-participating patients). After this participators are asked to fill out a questionarre at 4 weeks after surgery. And lastly, a follow-up by telephone will take place at 3 months after surgery. There are nog other (extra) visits or tests in this trial.