Patients are randomized to either the reduced course or the standard course postoperative antibiotic treatment.

In the follow-up the primary endpoint is infectious complications and mortality within 90 days. Registration of endpoints will be performed by the local research team in cooperation with the trialcoordinator.

Notification of serious adverse events (SAEs) by local treating phycisians should take place within 24 hours. Click here for the definition and procedure SAE-notification.

A more elaborate overview of study procedures and follow-up can be found here.

Click here for instructions regarding the antibiotic treatment.

The full trial protocol can be downloaded here.

* All criteria except intraoperative criteria
** If the patiënt was not able to give informed consent preoperatively, it is allowed to obtain postoperatively as long as inclusion and randomization takes place within 24 hours after appendicectomy.
***Intravenous antibiotic treatment is prolonged in arm B for another 3 days (to complete a total of 5 days).